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Q. How long does each PerioTwist Last?
A. A single PerioTwist is designed to last between 3 and 7 days, depending on how delicate you are in your use. 

Q. Where are PerioTwists made and are they safe to use?
A. All Periotwists are designed and manufactured locally in Montreal, Quebec Canada in FDA registered facilities. PerioTwists are comprised of materials that are BPH free.

Q. Can PerioTwists be used multiple times? Do they need to be cleaned after each use?
A. Yes! PerioTwist can be used many times. In some cases, customers have been able to use a single PerioTwist up to 30 times, however the majority of people use a single device 3-10 days.

PerioTwists do not have to be cleaned between each use. PerioTwists are treated with Guard-in, which is an all natural anti-bacterial coating that ensures that bacteria cannot live on the PerioTwist.

Q. I have very tight teeth, will the PerioTwist fit?

A. Most certainly! PerioTwist’s screw like functionality help is to fit between even the tightest gaps.







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